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Storage Rental Tips & Guidelines

Use Wooden Pallets

By using Wooden Pallets, you'll increase air flow in your unit and help protect your belongings from condensation. Keeping moisture sensitive items elevated off of the concrete floor will ensure that items are not damaged from moisture. Find Pallets in your unit, behind the Manager's Suite in Lac du Bonnet, or Beside the Storage Units in La Broquerie.

Pack Important Items Close to the Front

Before packing your storage unit, think about what you might need to access while you stay. If you'll need to access something, make sure it's near the front of the storage unit so that it's easy to access when you need it.

Keep Heavy Items Low

By keeping Heavy Items below Lighter Items, you'll make sure that your lighter items aren't damaged if a heavy item falls. This will help keep your belongings safe while in storage.

Make a Path to the Back of your Storage Unit

If you plan on taking items out of storage regularly, consider making a path down the middle of your storage unit, towards the back wall.  This is especially useful for 10x20 storage units, that are deeper and therefore make it difficult to access the back portion of the locker.

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