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  • What size of storage unit do I need?
    This is dependent on how much you plan on storing. Refer to our online size guide or give us a call to help you decide which size best meets your needs.
  • How can I rent a unit?
    Units can be rented directly through our website or by calling to book over the phone.
  • What type of security is offered?
    The level of security differs by facility, with some facilities having a combination of exterior gate, 24/7 security cameras and / or exterior lighting. Additionally, all of our facilities have a local partner who "checks in" on the property regularly.
  • Does Storage Bros insure my belongings?
    No, we do not offer insurance for purchase to tenants, or insure the contents of lockers. Many home insurance policies provide insurance over storage contents however, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to ensure that you are adequately covered.
  • How do I reduce the risk of moisture damage?
    In non-climate controlled units, we recommend using wooden pallets, which increases air flow in the unit and helps protect contents from condensation. Keeping moisture sensitive items elevated off of concrete floors ensures that items are not damaged from moisture. If your unit does not contain a pallet upon move-in, please contact us and we will make arrangements to provide one.
  • How to organize the contents of your unit effectively?
    Two recommended tips for being able to make your unit accessible and easy to navigate are: Pack important items near the front of your unit: Before moving in to your unit, consider which items you may need to access while you stay. If you will need to access a particular item frequently, ensure it is near the front of your unit, to allow easy access. Make a path to the back of your unit: If you plan on regularly accessing the contents of your unit, consider making a path down the middle, towards the back wall. This is especially useful for accessing the back portion of our larger units.
  • How to reduce the risk of items being damaged while storing?
    We recommend keeping heavy and breakable items low to the ground, to prevent them from falling and either breaking or damaging more fragile contents.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    All of our leases are month-to-month and can be ended with 30 days' notice.
  • How do I make payments?
    We accept payments through: (1) Interac e-transfer; (2) Credit Card; and (3) Automatic CAFT withdrawals set up through your online bank.
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